Law Enforcement Response

policebadgeLaw Enforcement Response: What to Expect 

If you’ve been sexually assaulted, call 911 as soon as possible. Listen carefully to the operator’s questions and answer them completely. Make sure the operator understands that you have been sexually assaulted. Tell the operator if you have been physically injured.


Please remember that most victims are raped by someone they know. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you know the offender.


An officer will come to your location to interview you and any witnesses, investigate the crime scene, prepare an offense report, and transport you to the hospital for an exam. They will also page the Victim Assistance Unit (VAU) of DPD. A VAU advocate can provide 24/7 crisis intervention and support for you and/or your loved ones at the crime scene or hospital.


Your report will be taken by the police officer to the Sex Crimes Unit (SCU). The case is then assigned to a detective who specializes in sexual assault investigations. The detective will interview you as soon as possible. Make sure to call the SCU if you are unable to attend the interview at the original time requested. In order to conduct the best investigation possible, the interview questions are very detailed and ask specific information regarding the sexual assault. The detective will also interview any witnesses and suspects and collect and analyze evidence.


The investigation process takes time, so please be patient. You will be notified of significant case developments and the District Attorney’s decision whether to file charges for prosecution.