Victim/Survivor Mediation

PageLines- heal.pngDenver strives to provide a coordinated, seamless response to sexual assault.

Part of SAIC’s role is to ensure that the response process is being implemented properly. If you were sexually assaulted in the City & County of Denver and are dissatisfied with any service you received, SAIC invites you to contact our office. You may also contact our office if you are unhappy with a service you received from a SAIC partner agency even if you were assaulted in a different county.Click here to see a list of partner agencies.


Some examples of possible concerns include:

  • Law Enforcement Response
  • Medical Response
  • Denver District Attorney’s Office
  • Victim’s Compensation
  • Nonprofit Agencies and other SAIC members

The SAIC Project Director will hear your complaint and discuss your options. With the complainant’s permission, the SAIC Project Director will contact the appropriate SAIC representative regarding the case. If necessary, the Project Director can arrange for a meeting or other communication between the victim and the agency to mediate the situation. Depending on the circumstances, other options may include filing a formal complaint within the agency, filing a Victims Rights Amendment violation and/or voicing your concern with the person’s supervisor.


Follow the link to view the Victim/Survivor Resolution Process.


To report a concern and/or offer feedback, please contact:

Nicole Leon, SAIC Project Director: 720-913-9284, 


You may also leave anonymous feedback by visiting our Contact Us page.