Denver’s Sexual Assault Protocol Signing 2011

On April 6 at the Oxford Hotel, top Denver officials signed a newly updated Sexual Assault Protocol, providing a roadmap for agencies to work together in responding to victims of sexual assault.

Denver was among the first cities in the country to create and formalize a process designed to prevent sexual assault victims from being re-traumatized by a system that is supposed to help.  The protocol describes the role of each responder in Denver who comes into contact with a sexual assault victim so there is a seamless, standardized response that best serves the victim and reduces imposing further trauma.

The first protocol was signed in 1995 by eight people.  This 4th edition is signed by more than 30 people representing our community’s collaborative response to sexual assault.  The updated protocol is significant for several reasons.

  • It is a living document that is actually used and it continues to be revised
  • It now includes campus-specific information on resources and response practices
  • There is guidance for cold-case sexual assault cases reopened due to DNA evidence
  • It outlines the procedure for a victim to receive a forensic exam regardless of whether the sexual assault has been reported to law enforcement
  • It provides values and standards for our community-based partners providing direct services to victims

To view the protocol, visit the Written Resources page.