About SAIC

handspeopleThe Sexual Assault Interagency Council is comprised of various agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals that have been sexually assaulted.

Approximately 30 agencies are represented and actively involved in improving Denver’s response to sexual assault. SAIC does not provide direct services to victims other than mediating victim complaints. However, many of the SAIC partner agencies can help victims with reporting the crime, advocacy, counseling, and financial support. To learn more about SAIC partner agencies, check out the Agency Descriptions page.

The Denver Sexual Assault Response Protocol outlines the policies and roles of each agency when responding to a sexual assault. Partner agencies have agreed to comply with their respective policies and to participate in a multidisciplinary coordinated response to sexual assault and its victims.

Use of the words “Victim” and “Survivor”

The words “victim” and “survivor” are used interchangeably throughout this website. It is not our intention to ostracize sexual assault victims/survivors by the use of these terms and we recognize that individuals who have been sexually assaulted may identify as either a victim or survivor.